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Achim Bönninghaus

Managing Director

Achim Bönninghaus is admitted to the Bar as Attorney-at-Law since 2000 and has extensive experience in corporate transactions. He advises his clients in the field of commercial and corporate law.

Prior to founding Youco24 he was executive director of the Management Board of FORATIS AG in Bonn and responsible for the shelf company business.

Achim started his attorney career at Linklaters Oppenhoff & Rädler before founding his own law firm. Further and next to his attorney practice, Achim Bönninghaus was for many years dedicated as tutor preparing law students, trainees and tax advisors for their law examinations. Achim Bönninghaus is author of several civil law books.

Email: achim.boenninghaus@youco24.com

  • Achim Bönninghaus
    Achim Bönninghaus Managing Director

Frank Walenta

Managing Director

Frank Walenta has extensive transactional experience through his longstanding activity in the trust & corporate services industry.

A lawyer by way of backgound, he started his career in the financial services industry in Luxembourg in 2005 und took on as from 2008 executive positions at Vistra in Luxembourg  and Germany. During his time in Luxembourg Frank Walenta continued to grow the core business of Vistra and was significantly involved in the set-up and launch of the alternative funds administration services of Vistra. In Germany he was as of mid 2010 responsible for the launch of the German office of Vistra and later essentially contributed and geared the merger of the Vistra and Orangfield offices in Germany under the Vistra brand in 2016.

Since November 2016 Frank Walenta also holds the position of Commercial Director with ZEDRA Group (www.zedra.com) and is in particular responsible for marketing, sales and business development in Luxembourg.

Email: frank.walenta@youco24.com

  • Frank Walenta
    Frank Walenta Managing Director

Steffi Brettschneider

Office Manager

Steffi Brettschneider has a longstanding experience as a manager in the legal market.

She holds a degree in business economics (IHK) and worked with FORIS AG in Bonn from 2002 until her leave to Youco24 in 2016. She was responsible for the safe and reliable processing in the shelf companies unit (FORATIS) as well as in the department for legal translation services (FORIS lingua). In 2012 she took on the position as head of legal translation services.

Since December 2016 Steffi Brettschneider holds the executive position as Office Manager with Youco24 and is responsible for order processing and internal operations.

Email: steffi.brettschneider@youco24.com

  • Steffi Brettschneider
    Steffi Brettschneider Office Manager

Angelika Hundt

Office Manager

Angelika Hundt is an outstanding professional with a continuous track-record in our industry since 2003.

Angelika Hundt holded the position as Head of Services in the shelf-companies division of a well-known and regarded competitor. From their earlier days with this firm, Achim Bönninghaus, Steffi Brettschneider and now Angelika Hundt know each other and continue working together closely and successfully as a team at youco24.

Email: angelika.hundt@youco24.com

  • Angelika Hundt
    Angelika Hundt Office Manager

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