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The purchase of a shelf AG is the professional way to start safely, easily and quickly with your new AG. We save you the time and effort of setting up your own company and take care of all the organisational work for you. Our shelf companies are already established, registered in the commercial register and are immediately available for purchase. The formation documents and the articles of association of the shelf company are bilingual in German and English - we can easily remove the English language version in the course of the takeover if you wish. We establish our Shelf AG at the major business locations in Germany and, if required, also at your desired location in Germany. In some constellations we even establish holding structures with several companies.

Foundation risk already assumed

If you buy our existing Shelf -AG, we have already assumed the foundation risk for you. All of our shelf corporations are so-called open and permissible stock formations. Accordingly, your new shelf corporation has not yet been commercially active and is therefore guaranteed to be free of burdens and risks for you.

Buy a Shelf AG Germany-wide

Youco24 is active throughout Germany and offers you the Shelf -AG at many founding locations. Our Shelf AGs are registered in the major German commercial registers of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne.

If you prefer a different location for your shelf corporation, you can immediately open a permanent establishment within the meaning of the German Fiscal Code (AO) and the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (GewO) at any location you wish, regardless of the commercial register of the Shelf-AG. In addition, if you wish, we will be happy to relocate the registered office of a Shelf-AG to a location of your choice prior to sale or establish a shelf corporation directly at your desired location. Simply contact us.

Share capital: EUR 50,000

The share capital of our Shelf-AG amounts to EUR 50,000 and is paid up to 100% at a renowned bank. After the takeover of the company, the amount is available undiminished in the company's bank account.

ProfileShelf-AG (PLC)
Legal formPublic limited company
Register courte.g. Düsseldorf or Munich
Bank modelOrder cheque or transferable account
Bank balanceEUR 50,000
PurposeAG Shelf company
Download Download questionnaire

"We'll take care of the details for you"

Achim Wehinger and Frank Walenta

Buy a Shelf AG with bank account

The share capital of the shelf corporation (AG) is fully paid up in the bank account of our shelf AG. In order to be able to offer the optimal solution for each case, we work together with different banks for the formation of our shelf AGs. Depending on whether you want to take over or close the bank account. Especially if you do not want to transfer and use the existing bank account after purchasing the shelf corporation, you want to invest as little time as possible in closing the bank account. In this case, we offer you the so-called cheque variant, a special account model with a simple closing option.

Please let us know which account model you prefer when you reserve the shelf corporation so that we can provide you with the appropriate shelf corporation.

For the establishment of our Shelf-AG, we opened an account with the Hoerner Bank and paid in the share capital of EUR 50,000 there. You will receive an order cheque from us, which your board of directors can cash at your house bank. After the cheque has been cashed, the foundation account of the shelf corporation is automatically closed and is no longer available for payment transactions.  

Our Shelf-AG has a bank account that is capable of being taken over and which can also function as a payment transaction account in the future. The existing credit balance of the Shelf-AG is available to you after the KYC/legitimation process of the bank has been completed.

Order check variant

For the establishment of our Shelf-AG, we opened an account with the Hoerner Bank and paid in the share capital of EUR 50,000 there. You will receive an order cheque from us, which your board of directors can cash at your house bank. After the cheque has been cashed, the foundation account of the shelf corporation is automatically closed and is no longer available for payment transactions.  

Transferable bank account

Our Shelf-AG has a bank account that is capable of being taken over and which can also function as a payment transaction account in the future. The existing credit balance of the Shelf-AG is available to you after the KYC/legitimation process of the bank has been completed.

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Buying a Shelf AG - Your advantages with Youco24

Delays or deficiencies in the formation or liquidation phase can quickly become dangerous for you. Buying a shelf company is a much faster and easier way than setting up your own company. Youco24 shelf corporations already have a bank account that can be taken over after the purchase if required. Our highly specialised team has been setting up and selling shelf PLCs for over ten years. Due to our specialisation and experience, we can guarantee you a very fast, professional and error-free process.

Take advantage of the various benefits of an AG shelf company and rely on our proven and well-rehearsed Youco24 team.

Any questions? Contact us!

Buying a Shelf AG - Our procedure

We know that you are in a hurry. That's why we keep the process short and uncomplicated. From the reservation of your shelf company to the notarial takeover, there are only 3 steps. Professional and fast: The procedure for the purchase of a shelf company AG has been tried and tested by us for years and guarantees a reliable and quick takeover of the shares in your shelf company AG.

Step 1 - Reservation

You reserve your Shelf-AG free of charge and without obligation

For your AG reservation we are available by phone and e-mail. Or you can reserve online via our website. Ideally you already know whether you want to take over the company's bank account or rather close it and open your own account at your bank (cf. account models). 

We will contact you immediately after receipt of your reservation and offer you the right shelf company for you.

Step 2 - Purchase price

Prepayment or security

As soon as you send us the completed questionnaire, we will prepare the acquisition of your Vorrats-AG. You can choose from the following options for the purchase price payment or its securing:

  • Cash in advance: The purchase price for the Shelf -AG is paid to us in advance
  • Confirment: A law firm, tax consultancy or auditing firm established in Germany is strongly in favour of paying the purchase price of the Shelf-AG and assumes personal joint liability
  • Suspensive condition: The transfer of the shares in a Shelf AG is subject to the condition precedent of payment of the purchase price

Once we have all your necessary details, we conclude the purchase and assignment contract together.

Step 3 - Conclusion of purchase agreement and registration with the commercial register

All documents are prepared by us

Once you have transferred the purchase price for your new shelf corporation to us or provided security, we will conclude the purchase and transfer agreement with you. All you need to do is register as a director with a notary public and amend the articles of association with your details. You are free to choose the notary's office - if you wish, we will also be happy to give you a recommendation. So that the appointment can take place as quickly as possible, we prepare the drafts on the basis of your information (gladly also in German and English) and send all documents by overnight courier.

FAQ on the public limited company

What is the difference between a Shelf AG and a Shelf GmbH (LTD), Shelf UG (ELC) and Shelf Socieatas Europea (SE),what bodies does the public limited company have, how is a public limited company founded and is the public limited company necessarily listed on the stock exchange? We answer the most frequently asked questions about Shelf AG in our FAQs.

A shelf corporation is a corporation in which (in Germany) ownership is embodied in the ownership of shares. As a rule, each shareholder holds an equal share in the company, as evidenced by the listing of their shares. The shares can be transferred to other shareholders without affecting the continued existence of the company.

The capital structure of the company is determined by the articles of association, which set out each shareholder's ownership interest in the company. When people colloquially talk about buying an AG, they are referring to the acquisition and transfer of the shares.  

A public limited company consists by default of three institutions: the Annual General Meeting, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The AG is managed autonomously by the Management Board. The Management Board may consist of one or more persons. The management board is appointed and supervised by the supervisory board. The Annual General Meeting in turn elects the Supervisory Board and, among other things, adopts resolutions on amendments to the Articles of Association. All investors can participate in the general meeting. The allocation of voting rights for resolutions and amendments to the Articles of Association is based on the proportion of shares held.

As with the GmbH, one of the advantages of the AG is the limitation of liability for the shareholders. In the event of the AG's insolvency, the investors' private assets remain unaffected; they only risk the loss of their capital contribution. This can be avoided by the strict separation of company assets and private assets of the shareholders should be made possible.

The transfer of company shares within an AG, i.e. shares, is relatively simple. Neither a form has to be observed, nor is a notarial certification necessary.

The legal form of the AG has a clear advantage in terms of external perception: it appears serious and professional and therefore enjoys a high reputation. The title "Management Board" on the business card usually makes a good impression on customers.

The AG can be founded by a legal entity, by partnerships with full legal capacity or by natural persons. All founders must make contributions, in return for which they take over shares. When an AG is founded, the memorandum of association, which also serves as the articles of association, is notarized.

The formation of an AG is divided into three stages:

  1. Pre-incorporation company
  2. Pre-AG
  3. (registered in the commercial register) AG

In the period up to the notarial certification of the partnership agreement, a distinction is made between the pre-incorporation company, which is basically a partnership under civil law.

The pre-corporation or pre-AG exists from the notarial determination of the articles of association until the registration of this corporation in the commercial register. Sometimes this pre-AG already has legal capacity and the name of the company and the legal form suffix are supplemented by the abbreviation "i.Gr.". The management board, supervisory board and general meeting already exist within this pre-AG.

If the company is finally entered in the commercial register, it has full legal capacity as an AG.

The shares of a public limited company do not necessarily have to be traded on the stock exchange. Usually, only large public companies are listed on the stock exchange. Their shares can be traded publicly. Smaller and medium-sized companies often only issue shares to a few shareholders and exclude tradability.

The AG is subject to trade tax, corporate income tax and the solidarity surcharge, wage tax, sales tax and capital gains tax, if applicable.

If the profit is distributed to the shareholders, capital gains tax must be paid to the tax office. Since the AG is a different legal entity, losses in the AG cannot be claimed in the shareholders' private tax return.

An alternative is the Shelf GmbH (LTD)which can be established and managed with less effort than the AG.

Another alternative to the public limited company is the "Societas Europaea", also known as the "European AG", which we call the Shelf SE on offer have.

The AG and the GmbH / UG have some similarities, but are characterized by even more differences.

In both cases, the companies are legal entities that have their own legal personality and where the company is represented by executive bodies. Both forms of enterprise are corporations. The most important and biggest difference is the amount of share capital required. In the case of the GmbH, you need to hold 25,000 euros in share capital, while as an AG you need to prove that you have double the financial outlay of 50,000 euros in share capital. With the UG, even a single euro is sufficient for the foundation. 

One of the most important differences is that a shelf corporation must have at least three governing bodies: Management Board, Supervisory Board and General Meeting. The management board manages the shelf corporation on its own responsibility (§ Section 76 AktG) and, in contrast to a GmbH / UG, is not bound by instructions.

The share capital of the SE must be at least EUR 120 000. In other respects, the SE's capital, the increase and maintenance of capital and the conduct of business and the issue of securities shall be governed by the same provisions as those applicable to a public limited-liability company in the Member State in which the SE has its registered office.

The SE is limited to multinational companies, i.e. companies established in at least two European countries, either by merger, as a holding company, subsidiary or simply by the nature of their business.

The biggest difference results from the mixture of common law and civil law traditions. In contrast to the AG, the SE offers both a monistic (one-tier) and a dualistic (two-tier) form of administration, whereby the monistic has one administrative body and the dualistic functions like the AG model with administrative and supervisory bodies.

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