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Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretarial Services

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Our team besteht aus Experten, die Sie mit einer breiten Palette an Unternehmensdienstleistungen unterstützen. Wir helfen Ihnen dabei die Einhaltung von Compliance- und Unternehmensrichtlinien zu gewährleisten. Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Gründung Ihres Unternehmens, stellen Ihnen German Shelf Companies (Gesellschaften mit beschränkter Haftung) zur Verfügung und übernehmen Sekretariatsaufgaben.

Wir können sogar die Geschäftsführung Ihres Unternehmens stellen. Entweder als Geschäftsführer oder als Mitglied eines Aufsichtsrates. Aus Erfahrung wissen wir, wie schwer es für ausländische Holdinggesellschaften sein kann, die gesetzlichen Mindestanforderungen nach deutschem Recht zu erfüllen. Daher  unterstützen und betreuen wir Sie bei der Organisation, Koordination und Umsetzung von maßgeblichen Vorschriften. Wir organisieren z.B. Haupt- und Gesellschafterversammlungen, agieren als Prozessvertreter, stellen Ihnen eine Geschäftsadresse und helfen Ihnen durch unser Back-Office.

Youco24 is your partner for business start-ups, management, administration and liquidations.

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Keeping up with changes in legal regulations is more complex and time consuming than ever before. We specialize in the German legal market and German compliance regulations. We have built up our service portfolio for you on a modular basis. This makes it easier to monitor costs and control your budget. Youco24 Corporate Secretarial Services guides you through the legal requirements and thus simplifies your administrative work. So you can concentrate fully on running your company.


Our Corporate Secretarial Services in Germany

Company formation services

We offer you a complete range of services for setting up a company in Germany. You benefit from the expertise of our Youco-Team in the establishment of German and European companies.

Directorship and Officer services

Our directors and managers use their many years of local experience in corporate governance and corporate compliance to support our clients' business units. Within the scope of our management services we take on the following functions:

  • Managing Director
  • Management Board or Supervisory Board
  • Proxies (Prokurist)

Registered Office

We will set up a registered office for you, which will become the official address of your company, association or other legal entity. We will also help you find suitable physical premises for your offices. 

A new legal entity in Germany always requires a legally valid registered address. In order to be accepted by the tax authorities, it is also necessary that sufficient substance is documented and carried out at the registered office. This means that at least either the management or the accounting must be carried out at the registered office. We recommend that you check the respective requirements on a case-by-case basis, as they depend to a large extent on the business activities of the company in question.

Mail Handling Services

In addition to providing the company headquarters, we recommend that you also entrust us with the forwarding of mail. You have two options. Either we collect your mail and send it unopened to your company contact or you instruct us to open and scan your mail. This way we can pre-sort your mail, meet important deadlines and forward a digital copy of the relevant documents to your company contact. Almost all of our customers receive their mail only as a scan. This has the further advantage that we can keep your documents and the substance of the company at the company headquarters.

Transactional Services

Our experts can help you with time-consuming local change registrations, such as name changes, changes of directors, authorized signatories or other services. Simply contact us.

Company dissolvment

If you have a company in Germany that you no longer need, we will liquidate your company for you as quickly as possible. 

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