Frequently Asked Questions

Hereafter you will find further information linked to the topic „shelf companies“ as well as answers to the most important questions you may have:

1. What exactly is a „shelf company“?

A „shelf company“ is an existing and with the Commercial Register fully registered  company but  which has never entered into any busisness activity, in other terms is totally „clean“. This distiguishes such company from a so-called „shell company“ or „dormant company“  which, in turn, did pursue with commercial activities in a previous period and now is dormant.  A shelf company is readily available anytime and enables the purchaser to immediately commence with his / her intended business activity through the company, such as for instance the acquisition of shares in other companies or of real estate property.

2. What actually are the advantages of using a „shelf company“?

If you require quickly and safely a company with limited liability then the purchase of a shelf company is the preferrable solution as opposed to the own genuine incorporation. Namely, for the following reasons:

  • Given that a shelf company is fully registered with the Commercial Register the company can be taken over and activated anytime. A shelf company offers a „turn-key solution“, i.e. you alone freely determine the point in time as from which you wish start-off with your company. The risk of delay during the course of the incorporation process is excluded.
  • Because of the fully paid-up share capital, our shelf companies provide you from the very beginning with protection from personal liability. Any potential personal liability of shareholders or managing directors for a breach of rules governing capital calls is excluded by the use of a shelf company.
  • Last but not least: By leaving the incorporation up to and with us, you gain yourself more time to focus on the core themes of your business.
3. Do you sell or buy „shell / dormant companies“, too?

We exclusively and only sell „shelf companies“, i.e. companies which have never been commercially active as opposed to the so-called „shell companies“. Considering the risk of liabilities and encumbrances resulting from previous activity of the company we do not sell shell companies – and by the way, neither do we purchase such companies. Our companies are guaranteed free and clear of any liabilities and encumbrances towards third-parties.

4. Do your shelf companies come along with a tax-id.-no. ?

Our companies generally do not have a tax-id.-no., because they are not yet notified to the competent tax authority prior to purchase. Following the purchase it is required that you initially register the company with the locally competent tax authority and apply for a tax-id.-no. (optionally also a VAT-id.-no.).

5. What do I need to make first bank transfers?

The requirements may vary on a case-by-case basis depending on bank and the structure of the new shareholders. We will inform you about further processing prior to purchase.

6. Do you determine the recording notary?

No. You may freely choose your notary office of trust. The selected office can be located anywhere in Germany. Should you require a recommendation or in the event you wish to entrust us with arranging for a meeting with the notary, do let us know.

7. Is the statutroy share capital of your shelf companies diminished by bank charges and other costs?

No. We cover all incorporation costs and costs of ongoing maintenance until sale of the company – not the shelf company. We guarantee that the statutory share capital is fully paid-in on the company´s bank account free of any decductions and at the free disposal of the company.

8. Does one of you attend personally to the meeting before the notary?

Generally we do not. However, in Cologne and Frankfurt am Main you have the option  that we attend personally the notary meeting. For the rest, we are represented at the meeting by virtue of a power-of-attorney granted by us to a person of your choice and the data of which you have submitted to us. This person can also be you yourself.

9. Do you charge fees for the reservation of a shelf company?

No. The reservation is free of charge. Neither are fees charged for a possible extension of the reservation period.

10. In the end, I do not require the reserved shelf company – what happens then?

Should you in the end not wish to purchase the company, just let us know. The reservation is then cancelled free of any charges.

11. In the end, I do not require the purchased shelf company – do you take back the company?

In case you have purchased a company of, then we offer a buy-back of such company. This however provided that the company has not engaged into any business activity. Given that we do not re-sell but immediately  liquidate this company, the price for the buy-back is reduced in the amount of our liquidation costs and handling fees.

How do I purchase a shelf company?

  • 1. Make Reservation and Submit Questionnaire

    You can easily submit your reservation request via our online form or by e-mail.

  • 2. Purchase Price: Advance Payment or Security

    Upon receipt of our reservation confirmation you transfer the purchase price or provide security for its payment.

  • 3. Notary Appointment

    If you have transferred the purchase price or provided security for its payment, we will prepare the notary appointment for the purchase of the company.

  • 4. Post-Sale

    The company must be registered with the local trade office and tax authority. With the latter, the company must apply for a tax-id-number.

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