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Because, you might regret it later in life. You wait and see, Mr. Caruthers, I will be mayor and I'll be the most powerful mayor in the history of Hill Valley, and I'm gonna clean up this town. He's an absolute dream. Are you okay? Of course, the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance they're supposed to go to this, that's where they kiss for the first time.

I, I don't know. The flux capacitor. Alright, punk, now- Okay, that's enough. Now stop the microphone. I'm sorry fellas. I'm afraid you're just too darn loud. Next, please. Where's the next group, please. Thank you. In about thirty years.

McFly. Yeah well, I saw it on a rerun. Whoa, wait, Doc. That's right, he's gonna be mayor. Right, gimme a Pepsi free.

Which one's your pop? Wait a minute. McFly. Right, and where am I gonna be? No, get out of town, my mom thinks I'm going camping with the guys. Well, Jennifer, my mother would freak out if she knew I was going up there with you. And I get this standard lecture about how she never did that kind of stuff when she was a kid. Now look, I think she was born a nun.

Take care. No no no this sucker's electrical, but I need a nuclear reaction to generate the one point twenty-one gigawatts of electricity- Unroll their fire. I'd like you to meet my good friend George McFly. Jesus, George, it's a wonder I was ever born.

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That's a great idea. I'd love to park. Oh, pleased to meet you, Calvin Marty Klein. Do you mind if I sit here? That's him.

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Mega Post 3

This sounds pretty heavy. Oh, thank you, thank you. Okay now, we run some industrial strength electrical cable from the top of the clocktower down

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