Buy a Ready Made German Shelf Company

Our shelf companies are already registered with the commercial register and are readily-available for your start-up.  You can take over your company within twenty-four hours. All companies have never engaged in any business activities. The share capital is always fully paid in and undiminishedly avaible on the company´s bank account.

  • Our shelf companies are not impaired by any liabilites – guaranteed!

Shelf GmbH (Ltd)

Purchase Price:
starting from 27,500 EUR

Share Capital = Account Balance:
25,000 EUR

Shelf UG (ELC)

Purchase Price:
2,500 EUR

Share Capital = Account Balance:
1,000 EUR

Shelf AG (PLC)

Purchase Price:
55,000 EUR

Share Capital = Account Balance:
50,000 EUR

Shelf SE (one/two-tier)

Purchase Price:
132,000 EUR

Share Capital = Account Balance:
120,000 EUR

Shelf GmbH & Co KG

Purchase Price: 29,500 EUR

Share Capital GmbH = Account Balance
GmbH: 25,000 EUR

Limited Partner´s Interest = Account Balance
KG: 600 EUR

Special Requirements


We are happy to adapt
to your special
requirements –
just let us know.

How do I purchase a shelf company?

  • 1. Make Reservation and Submit Questionnaire

    You can easily submit your reservation request via our online form or by e-mail.

  • 2. Purchase Price: Advance Payment or Security

    Upon receipt of our reservation confirmation you transfer the purchase price or provide security for its payment.

  • 3. Notary Appointment

    If you have transferred the purchase price or provided security for its payment, we will prepare the notary appointment for the purchase of the company.

  • 4. Post-Sale

    The company must be registered with the local trade office and tax authority. With the latter, the company must apply for a tax-id-number.

„Leave the details to us.“

Achim Bönninghaus and Frank Walenta

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