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You want to buy a Shelf Company - fast, easy and legally secure? A good decision: The fastest and safest way of the formation of a company is the purchase of Shelf Companies. Shelf Companies are companies that have already been established and registered in the Commercial Register, which have not yet been active in business after their establishment. By purchasing Shelf Companies you save yourself the time of setting up your own company and start your business activities immediately with your new company. Purchase your new Shelf company today. Of course quickly & legally secure.

As professional provider we have focused on the offer of shelf companies and all related services. With us you will find all legal forms for corporations: Shelf GmbH (LTD), Shelf UG (ELC), Shelf AG (PLC), Shelf SE and Shelf GmbH & Co. KG. We establish our shelf companies at various locations in Germany - should we not be able to fulfil your desired location, we will gladly establish a company at your desired location or relocate the company's headquarters without complications.

You can buy your shelf company from us quickly and easily - thanks to years of well-established and smooth processes, this is possible within 24 hours. Our shelf companies have not yet been commercially active and are guaranteed to be unencumbered. That is why our shelf companies have not yet registered a business and have not employed any staff. When purchasing our shelf companies, the share capital must be 100% paid in and will be available to the new management undiminished in the company's bank account.

Our shelf companies do not have any liabilities - we guarantee you that!

Buying a German shelf company - Our offer

Individual solutions

Founding locations of our shelf companies

We are founding our German Shelf Companies continuously throughout Germany and above all in the major German economic centres of Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Siegburg, Mannheim and Stuttgart.

If your desired location is not available, you are still able to act immediately with shelf companies from our range - you can relocate the permanent establishment to any location immediately after acquiring the shelf company and open it there, irrespective of the commercial register.

You can also use our special service to your advantage: we will be happy to relocate the registered office of a Shelf Company from our pre-sale offer to a location of your choice or to establish a company directly at the location of your choice.

"We'll take care of the details for you"

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Buy shelf companies with bank account

Two models to choose from

Our shelf companies from Germany have a bank account in which the share capital is fully paid up. We work together with various banks to be able to react flexibly to your wishes. You can take over the existing bank account or transfer the capital by order check to one of your existing bank accounts ("check variant").

The cheque option is always suitable if you do not want to take over and continue the existing account of the Shelf Company, but prefer to open a new account for the company at your own bank. The account will be automatically closed after the order cheque has been deposited. The advantage of this option is that you do not have to deal with closing the account.

Please let us know which option you prefer before buying the shelf company. We will provide you with the appropriate shelf company.

For the formation of our shelf companies, we open accounts with the Hoerner Bank and pay in the legally required capital there. The new management receives an order cheque from us which can be cashed at their house bank. Once the cheque has been cashed, the company's formation account is automatically closed and is no longer available for payment transactions.  

Our shelf companies from Germany have a bank account that is capable of being taken over and can also function as a payment transaction account in the future. The bank balance of the shelf company is at your free disposal after the KYC/legitimation process has been carried out by the bank.

Check variant

For the formation of our shelf companies, we open accounts with the Hoerner Bank and pay in the legally required capital there. The new management receives an order cheque from us which can be cashed at their house bank. Once the cheque has been cashed, the company's formation account is automatically closed and is no longer available for payment transactions.  

Transferable bank account

Our shelf companies from Germany have a bank account that is capable of being taken over and can also function as a payment transaction account in the future. The bank balance of the shelf company is at your free disposal after the KYC/legitimation process has been carried out by the bank.

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Buy shelf companies - your advantages at Youco24

When it has to be professional, fast and legally secure, Youco24® is the right choice. With our years of experience, we guarantee you reliable, smooth and fast processing - without unpleasant surprises. So that you do not lose any time.

Any questions? Contact us!

Buying shelf companies - Our process

Simple and fast: In only 3 steps you can buy a Shelf Company in Germany.
Our procedures have been tried and tested for years and guarantee a smooth and professional takeover of your company:

Step 1 - Reservation

You reserve your German Shelf Company free of charge and without obligation

Our experienced team will be happy to receive your inquiry by phone or e-mail. Or you can book online via our website. Ideally you already know whether you would prefer to close the company's account and open your own account at your bank (see our account models). 

We will then contact you immediately and offer you the proper German Shelf Company.

Step 2 - Purchase price

Prepayment or security

Based on the information you provide in the questionnaire, we will prepare the documents for the acquisition of your German Shelf Company. The following options are available for the payment of the purchase price or securing:

  • Cash in advance: The purchase price of the German Shelf Company is paid to us in advance
  • Confirment: A lawyer's, tax adviser's or auditor's office established in Germany confirms payment of the purchase price (assumption of personal joint liability)
  • Suspensive condition: The shares of the German Shelf Company are transferred under the condition precedent of payment of the purchase price

If the purchase price has been paid or the security deposit has been clarified, the notary appointment will take place afterwards.

Step 3 - Conclusion of purchase agreement and registration with the commercial register

All documents are prepared by us

Once you have transferred the purchase price for your new shelf company to us or provided security, we will conclude the purchase and assignment contract with you. Except in the case of Shelf AG and Shelf SE, this contract will be notarised at the notary's office. You are free to choose the notary's office - if you wish, we will also be happy to give you a recommendation. To ensure that the appointment can take place as quickly as possible, we prepare the drafts based on your information (in German and English if you wish) and send all documents to the notary's office by overnight courier.

FAQ of the shelf companies

What is the difference between a shelf company and a shell company, is it possible to buy shelf companies with managing directors, what offers does Youco24® have for law firms and entrepreneurs, where are the registered offices of shelf companies located and is it worth buying a GmbH shelf company instead of setting it up yourself? We answer the most frequently asked questions about our range of shelf companies in our FAQs.

Ready Made Shelf Company is a company that has been established on a provisional basis and registered in the Commercial Register and has not yet been economically active (so-called open 1TP4 formation). This distinguishes it from the so-called "Mantelgesellschaft" or "Mantel GmbH", which once had economic activities and is now dormant. The Shelf Company is established for the purpose of sale and liability risks from former business activities are excluded.

A Shelf Company is available for immediate acquisition. It allows the acquirer to start doing business with the company immediately, such as acquiring companies, shares in companies or real estate.

The most common forms are for Shelf limited liability companies, the Shelf GmbH (LTD), Shelf UG (ELC), Shelf AG (PLC) and the Shelf Socieatas Europea (SE),.

If you need a corporation in Germany quickly and reliably, the acquisition of a German Shelf Company is the better way than founding your own new company:

As a Shelf Company is already registered in the commercial register, it can be taken over at any time and activated quickly. A Shelf Company offers a "turnkey" solution, i.e. you alone determine the date on which you want to start with the company.

The risk of delays in the establishment procedure is eliminated.

Due to the fully paid-up share capital, our Shelf Companies offer you protection against personal liability from the outset. Potential personal liability of shareholders or directors due to breach of capital raising rules is excluded by using a Shelf Company.

Last but not least: By leaving the incorporation to us, you only need to go to the notary to have it notarized. This gives you more time to concentrate on the real issues of your business.

The purchase of a Shelf Company usually involves a slightly higher price burden compared to the individual formation of this company, as a service fee is charged for the time and bureaucracy saved.

If you want to move the registered office of a Shelf Company from one federal state to another with the purchase, then the bureaucratic effort increases again, because, for example, a different registration court is responsible for your limited liability company. The time advantage is then immediately lost. Therefore, ideally, buy a Shelf Company that is already registered at your registered office or in your federal state.

When purchasing a Shelf Company, there are additional costs that the respective providers have paid for the formation and administration. These additional costs usually range between 2,500 and 3,500 euros for Shelf GmbH, for example.

In addition, there are the costs for the acquisition of the company, changes in the articles of association and in the management. These costs also depend on the legal form and the amount of share capital. In the case of a GmbH, for example, these costs are at least 730 euros, but can also be up to 3,500 euros depending on the legal form.

We only have "shelf companies", i.e. companies which, in contrast to the so-called "shell company"or "Mantel GmbH", have never been commercially active in the Offer

Shell companies are exposed to risks because of the burdens from their previous activities. We therefore do not sell shell companies and do not buy such companies. Our German Shelf Companies are guaranteed to be free of liabilities to third parties.

As a rule, our Shelf Companies do not yet have a tax number because they are not registered with the tax authorities. After the acquisition, you register the company with the relevant tax office for the first time, apply for a tax number and, if applicable, a VAT ID. 

The tax number is issued by the tax office where the company is managed. In Berlin, different tax offices are responsible, which then reassign an existing tax number if necessary. This often takes longer than applying for and issuing a new (temporary) tax number.

With the start of the commercial activity is also the Advance sales tax return ...to be delivered. 

Of course we also offer Shelf Companies based in Berlin.

The capital Berlin is a corporate metropolis with which entrepreneurs from all over the world associate a cosmopolitan reputation. By purchasing a Shelf Company based in Berlin, you can position your company for an internationally oriented business partner network.

Youco24 generally does not offer Shelf Companies with employee leasing (AÜG). If, for example, you need a Shelf Company GmbH with AÜG, you can, however, obtain the GmbH as a Shelf Company from us.

After the economic reestablishment you can immediately start a Apply to the employment agency for a permit to supply temporary workers.

The reservation of a German Shelf Company is free of charge. Even if the reservation period is extended, there are no costs.

Yes, because you choose your own notary office. It can be located anywhere in Germany. If you would like a recommendation or if you would like us to take care of contacting the notary's office for you, please contact us.

Usually not. In Cologne and Frankfurt am Main, however, there is the possibility that we will personally attend the notary appointments for a small fee, if you wish. Otherwise, we will be represented at the appointment by a person you choose and name. This can also be you yourself.

The requirements differ depending on the bank and the structure of the new shareholders. We will inform you about the necessary steps before the acquisition.

We take over the entire costs of the foundation, registration of the current administration up to the purchase of a Shelf Company. With some competitors the Shelf Company takes over a part of these costs. Not with our shelfs.

We guarantee that the share capital of the company is fully paid up and is available undiminished on the account of the company at the time of purchase. We will prove this to you in the notary appointment through a current balance confirmation from the bank.

For the obligation to prepare an opening balance sheet, there is no difference between the purchase of a Shelf Company or the own formation. In both cases, an opening balance sheet must be prepared and the share capital, which may not be used for formation costs, must be reported. 

We have already prepared an opening balance sheet for the foundation and show the undiminished capital openly there. We will provide you with the opening balance sheet together with the other documents.

After the Case law of the Federal Court of Justice the regulations on the new formation of a company apply to the use of Shelf Companies or shell GmbHs. According to these, in the case of the economic re-establishment, the new managing directors must affirm that the statutory share capital has been raised and is freely available (§ Section 7 (2) and (3) GmbHG). This is what we guarantee.

If you do not want to buy the company reserved for you after all, just let us know. We will then cancel the reservation free of charge.

If you have purchased a German Shelf Company from us but do not need it now, for example because the project did not materialize, we will buy the company back from you. This assumes that no business activities have yet been developed with the company. Since we do not resell the company afterwards but liquidate it, the purchase price is reduced by a discount for our liquidation costs.

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