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You are in search of a partner able to provide domiciliation and company management  services  for  your  investment  or  asset  holding  vehicle?

We provide registered offices for your vehicle in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main , Munich and – with the assistance of  partners  from  our  network  –  also  in  other  locations in Germany.

We  further  provide  management  services  and  take  on the position as Managing Director or Member of Supervisory Board in companies of our clients. Our Corporate Services management  services  also  include  secretarial  work  and the back-office assistance of our team.

Finally we undertake the liquidation of vehicles which are not required anymore.

Please note, that we do not render legal, tax or financial advice. We therefore do not offer tax or accounting services, but arrange instead for an assignment of these services to an accounting firm of our network. Prior  to  an  assignment,  the  project  will  be  subject  to  our  own  AML/KYC-examinations  and  requires  approval  according  to  our  internal  compliance  regulation.

We are happy to inform you about our fees as well as  the  requirements  for  the  client  acceptance  process in your individual case.

Your Contact Persons:

Achim Bönninghaus
Management Board

Frank Walenta
Management Board

Simon Fritzsche
Senior Manager Client Services

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